Are Beatles Songs Like Hey Jude The Easiest To Play?

July 13th, 2013

Short answer… YES.

They really are. If you’re looking for a great video on hey jude chords on guitar then I recommend the video done by this guy I just linked to. I follow a lot of his tutorials and he does have some very nice arrangements which are not too hard for beginners assuming of course that you’re willing to put in just that bit of practice. Nothing on guitar is so easy that you can get away with doing no practice at all.

So referring back to Hey Jude, it’s obviously a classic song and one that millions of guitar students will continue to learn in the future for as long as people learn guitar I guess. It’s all over now as they say, the song is just too famous to ever be forgotten and in classic Paul McCartney style the melody is infectious and so simple when you break it down. Sometimes I think that The Beatles could do more with 3 chords than most of us could do with 10. That was a part of their pop genius.

The track goes all the way back to 1968 I believe and was a huge hit topping the charts both sides of the Atlantic for over 9 weeks if my sense of trivia doesn’t abandon me!

I recommend that you learn this one in an easier key first or use a capo to remove the troublesome barre chords. If you’re more advanced then by all means have a go at playing along to the original track. I’ve inserted a YouTube video below to get you going.

A Simple Guide To Beginner Guitar Chords

July 19th, 2012

I remember feeling quite overwhelmed when I first starting playing guitar. The reason… an overload of beginner guitar chords! I found literally hundreds of them and foolishly believed that I had to learn and master each one of them in order to be able to play the songs I liked.

This was a bad way to go and and I wasted a lot of time learning unnecessary things which only served to slow my progress down.

It was only later that I came across a true list of the most essential chords you need. There are just 10 of them.

Major chords: C, D, E, F, G, A

Minor chords: Am, Bm, Dm, Em

and one very useful dominant 7 chord called B7 (!) not a part of my essential 10 but yes, highly useful as it saves you from having to learn to play a B major barre chord. Or at least until much later when you’re ready for it.

Listen guys, I hope this little list saves you some time and trouble, you can find a ton more information about beginner guitar chords here on my favorite acoustic site.

Want to get deeply into chords? Try this page on chord theory. And of course chords aren’t much use on acoustic with strums to go with them, try this page on how to strum a guitar. Awesome for beginners again!


Cool New Video On How To Play Guitar With This Song

July 12th, 2012

Just a quick heads up guys on this cool vid I came across on YouTube showin how to play the classic riff from “Sweet Home Alabama”. The guy plays and teaches this thing pretty darn well IMHO. Hope you like it and will give it shot! Plus there’s a very recent one here, I’d love to go to this guy for guitar lessons!

The good thing is that you only have 3 chord shapes throughout the entire riff and it’s really all about learning how to pick out the right strings as you go through it. It’s always exciting when you first hear the tune of a famous song start to appear as you learn it. That’s the ultimate encouragement in my book.

There’s an important point about keeping your 3rd finger anchored throughout the riff on the 3rd fret, 2nd string. That does help keep everything connected up nicely, cool tip so USE IT!

Here’s the video for you, just type in how to play guitar on a YouTube search if you want to find the original and you can check out the full channel here on acoustic guitar lessons.

Can Taking Classical Guitar Lessons Help Your Rock Playing?

April 20th, 2012

For many decades some of the greatest rock guitar players have spent a considerable amount of time taking influences from classical music and classical guitar techniques. It may seem like the two genres of music are worlds apart however there are many aspects of classical soloing such as pedal tones and arpeggios for example that lend themselves extremely well to heavy metal and rock music.

Players such as the great Randy Rhodes took classical guitar very seriously and tried his best to obey all of the best practices handed down to students studying this style of music. These include having the correct posture while playing while also trying to achieve the best possible tone from each performance. Even today there are many modern guitar players who have found ways of incorporating things they learn from the classical repertoire to their own style.

The main advantages of taking classical lessons on guitar is that it will refine your ability on the instrument, help you to develop your ear when it comes to harmony and voice leading and help you to embrace the skill of being able to read traditional music notation.

It is always helpful to learn other styles of music on guitar. That way you can incorporate and fuse them into your own style and create you own unique sound.


The Classical Guitar Agency

Classical Guitarist at

Was Chet Atkins The Greatest Country Guitar Player?

March 13th, 2012

This question recently came up in one of my group guitar lessons where I have about five adults old interested in learning how to play country guitar. Some of them were clearly in awe of Chet Atkins ability to play it practically anything on guitar however others were more cautious and expressed the opinion that it was really an impossible question to answer when you take into account all the different kinds of genres and guitar styles that exists with in country music.

One thing we must all keep in mind is that once a musician reaches a certain level of self-expression and awareness on the instrument they all essentially belong to the same club. What I am trying to say is that they have all achieved the ultimate goal of having a direct line of communication between their musical imagination and creativity and the ability to make it happen in reality on guitar. There are not too many musicians who make it into this exclusive club therefore all of them must be equally respected regardless of the style of guitar playing they came from. To find out more there are many country music magazines you can look into and here’s a directory for you too

Chet was a guitarist’s guitarist and in fact was often referred to as Mr. Guitar because he was able to connect so effortlessly with the instrument. However life was not always so easy for him especially in the early years and he had to struggle to get good on guitar just the same and you and I do. I suppose the real difference is that he was born to play and took to it very quickly but it certainly didn’t happen all on its own. A lot of work and countless hours of practice went into it. In a way, he life depended upon it.

One of the biggest influences upon Chet was Merle Travis (check out this video) who had a very particular way of organizing the fingers in his right hand for picking through chords and melody lines. The effect was to create a running bass line and the chords and melody to go through it all at once and it certainly sounded very impressive. Chet quickly adopted this style into his own playing and in fact went on to even expand it by incorporating the use of an extra finger into the mix.

Anyone who watches Chet play live (there are many videos on you can check out) will be struck by the apparent ease at which he was able to play the complex And technically challenging pieces of music. The time he was able to develop a keen sense of finger memory where he could simply concentrate on expressing the music he was playing and forget all about the technical side of things. In this sense he actually had a lot in common with classical musicians who do much of the same thing.

It’s not really possible to say that Chet Atkins was greatest country guitar player time however he certainly belongs to the greatest country guitar players club and the many awards he has received from the industry is testament to this fact. Over his long career he confines hundreds off records where he was either playing guitar or in fact produced the entire report as he did a great amount of work for the record company RCA.

Learning To Play Country Guitar

If you would like to learn country guitar there are a few resources online which you can go to for help. This is a good place to start however the Internet is still behind in terms of the number of resources we can all see when compared directly to the massive amount of country guitar books and DVDs which are available from online book sellers or even just your local music store. The best way is to invest in some physical books and to teach yourself at home. You can supplement this study by taking online lessons just so you can introduce some variety into your practice schedule.

Musical Expression versus Technique

November 30th, 2010

Musical Expression versus Technique

There is an ongoing mutual and personal debate over this topic. Many musicians insist that music is all that matters. It doesn’t matter if you are not that technical as long as you are creating great music. Some musicians are also insisting that music is all about skills and techniques. It’s all about technicality and that to make good music you must show your skills and techniques that you mastered. If you are smart enough, you would definitely determine and learn that one cannot live without the other. Both are equally important. Musical expression is as important as technicality.

Musical Expression Versus Technique | Defining the two sides

Instead of coming up with an answer to that question of which is much more important, let’s try and define both sides. What is a technique? A technique is a method of doing things to achieve or attain something that we want. That is the reason behind why there are no techniques that are correct, only effective ones. Musical expression is an output of human emotions. It is taken from a person’s inner emotion and converting them into music.  To convey these emotions perfectly, you need to consider learning how to do the techniques. But to be able to create good music, you need Musical Expression.

Musical Expression Versus Technique | conclusion

If you look at it, though how different they are from each other, they are in away dependent to each other. One cannot be executed in its full potential without the other. So if you want to know the answer to the question, the answer is common sense. Both are important and it shouldn’t be argued upon. There should be no beef between which is important; Musical Expression Versus Technique.

Beginner Acoustic Guitar

November 29th, 2010

Beginner Acoustic Guitar

The first time that you would pick up that acoustic guitar, try to ask yourself why you are picking it up? What is the reason behind it? Unfortunately, majority of the people who answered this question answered the same answers; to impress. Well, that is not bad, I tell you. There is no guidelines and stuff. You can use it to get laid or whatever. But it isn’t enough for you to be motivated. You must have a solid motivational force behind that impulse that had you picking up the acoustic guitar.

Beginner Acoustic Guitar – What to Learn First

The best thing to learn in your first lesson is the basic chords. The best way to learn these chords are to try and associate it with a song. If you have a favorite song that features some simple chords that are easy to learn. This makes it much easier for you to learn because you will be motivated to really learn it because it’s your favorite song. Try and find songs that has G, C, D, Em, Am, and E. these chords are the easiest to learn. You can find how to do these chords on chord charts which can also be found over the internet for free.

Beginner Acoustic Guitar – Why Acoustic

Although it’s not the typical rock out instrument that you would prefer, it is very convenient to learn from the acoustic guitar because you could bring it everywhere you go without worrying about an amp or cables. That makes it a convenient tool for learning guitar. You can learn or practice anywhere you want to go. That makes it a perfect tool for learning the guitar. So if you want to know what the best tool is for you, it’s the beginner acoustic guitar.

Blues Guitar Playing

November 13th, 2010

blues guitar playingBlues Guitar Playing

But of course, I’m not talking about that kind of blues. No, not the one that involves Prozac. I’m talking about something that would make you worthy of holding the guitar. Blues Music is one of the oldest genres out there and there are several people who work hard to keep it alive. Why discuss blues? There’s only one thing that I can tell you about it, if you want to learn guitar, it’s definitely one of those things that you could consider as “rites of passage” or something like that. Everyone should pass through that and bring it with them.

Blues Guitar Playing – How to play?

If you look at it at the correct perspective, blues guitar is more on feel and emotions. But structure – wise, it’s composed of 7th chords, pentatonic, blues, minor and mixolydian scales. Also there are a lot of vibratos, hammer – ons and pull – offs, slide and bending involved. Chord progressions are basically consisted of I – IV – V and stuff. It’s pretty much easy to play but the feel is very difficult to clone, if you know what I’m saying. Scales are not really the shredding – type of solos that you see on rock shows, it’s more of a “feel – every – note” type.

Blues Guitar Playing – where to start?

You could start searching for artists or bands that plays blues. There are lots of types of blues, it’s very diverse. Matter of fact, rock itself is form the blues. So try and look for traditional ones so that you would understand what the blues is like and how they play it. Later on, you could expand your horizon up to Hendrix’s and SRV’s, as long as you get to that level or a competitive level. Keep the blues alive and make it stay, all you have to do is to continue with your blues guitar playing.

Guitar Lessons

October 8th, 2010

Guitar lessons for beginners are rather a specialized form of guitar teaching that is focused on beginners.  Aspiring guitar players or beginners needs in different method of teaching them.  This is a very crucial stage of guitar learning because in this stage, you might or you might not continue.  That is depending on how well the lesson is relayed to you by your teacher or your instructor.  There are many sources in which you could get guitar lessons for beginners but not all of them are reliable and not all of them could be trusted.  That is why it is important to check first before you actually enroll on one.

The most convenient of all types of guitar lessons for beginners is the one that you find on the Internet or online.  This is because you don’t have to go out to learn guitar.  You could actually learn in the comfort of your own room without anyone seeing you.  This would create a much more comfortable learning space.  You could also choose from free guitar lessons or paid guitar lessons.  Free guitar lessons are abundant but unreliable.  Paid guitar lessons of the other hand is most of the time reliable and you could really learn from it.

Creating your album

September 6th, 2010

You don’t have to be a professional recording artist to record your own album. All you have to be is become a musician, a guitar player or a singer. As long as you have what it takes to write and create your own song? Plus a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness would complete the package. But you don’t have to search far and wide. If you really want to learn more about creating your own CD album, this is the place to be, because I have just the necessary information that you need to know about making your own album. This would save you from the headache of frustration because you can’t get your materials out. By the time you finish reading this, you would know what to do.

First, ready your stuff. It should be arranged and composed properly. Next find nice recording software. I suggest you use REAPER because it is free and full of features. Next, for amplifiers and guitar rigs, use Amplitube or guitar rig, its software that emulates amplifiers, cabinets, stomps and mics. For drums, you could always use a midi drummer, like EZ drummer software just in case you don’t have a drum set. And that’s it. Record and produce.

Doing the Barre Chords

September 3rd, 2010

There are lots of chords existing for the guitar. There are also lots of chord shapes that you could use for various situations. One of these chord shapes that I am talking about is called the Barre Chords. Barre chords are one of the most usable chord shapes around because of its ease. So if you want to know more about this subject matter, I have information here in this post that could inform you a lot regarding this subject matter. It would really save you the trouble of wasting time, searching it for yourself. So why not relax and leave the research to us. Just read this post and you will be ready to go.

Barre chords are movable chord shapes which can be divided into two:

E Major Type Barre chord

A Major Type Barre chord

The E type barre chord is called as such because it originates on the E chord. Here’s how you do it:

E –1-(1)–

B –1-(1)–

G –2-(2)–

D –3-(4)–

A –3-(3)–

E –1-(1)–

To do an A type barre chord:

E –7-(1)–

B –9-(3)–

G –9-(3)–

D –9-(3)–

A –7-(1)–

E –x——

All you have to do is to move it to the root note of a chord that you wish to play.

Creating your own CD record

August 27th, 2010

Back in the days, recording your own album was not too far from impossible. You must have a large amount of cash just to get your stuff recorded professionally. Producing your record is also a pretty expensive thing as well.  That is why you can’t just waste money over some petty songs that you wrote. But because of today’s technology, even ordinary musicians, these who can’t afford to have their materials recorded professionally can release their own CD’s. Now, if you want to know more about that, I have just the exact information that you would need to learn more about it. You can actually save yourself the headache of searching for it elsewhere because everything that you need to know is right here on this post. By the time you finish reading this article, you will have a pretty clear idea of what you can do to create your own CD.

So how can you create your own CD out of your material? Well, there are dozens of home recording software out there that is capable of giving you professional quality recording. You could also burn your own CD’s now in lightening speeds. And talk about distribution, you could always distribute it online through social media sites, which is always better than physically distributing it.

Creating your own style

August 21st, 2010

How to create or develop your own style? Well, first, you need to consider some stuff. Originality is a good thing. It is standing out among the rest, creating something that you could call your own. This is pretty much familiar in the United States. Mastery is striving to perfect a certain thing, becoming a master of something. Now, why did I elaborate these two things?

Well, we often strive to have an original sound. This is a difficult path, and most people end up sounding like other people, which results to failure and frustration. What am I doing wrong, you ask yourself. Well, for some reason, the wrong thing you did is working on your originality first before mastering some aspects of your guitar playing. This is a very critical thing. In my own opinion, it is okay to sound a little similar to other artists, because that is what “influence” is all about.

If you are still not that good in playing the guitar, do not go for originality first, master things, practice things, and imitate things. Besides, most original ideas came from different patches of ideas from other people’s ideas. Most of the time, it is recycled, so don’t hesitate to imitate.


August 19th, 2010

If you want to beef up your guitar solos, there is one suggestion that I could give you. Why don’t you try harmonizing your guitar solos?

Don’t worry about the term; it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Matter of fact, it is quite an easy concept. But first, you should know how to determine which scale or mode you are playing and by doing so, we could be able to determine on which know should we play to harmonize it. To harmonize a guitar solo, you must also know how to use a loop recorder or just record it on audio recording software on your pc. The idea is to have ways and means to overdub your existing guitar solo with a harmonized one. you could actually play the two harmonized notes at the same time but that would be difficult for most people, so for starters, try recording first the initial guitar solo then record another solo over it, the exact way you played it but on a different mode. What you should do is know the intervals. For example, you have the note A. if you want to harmonize it with thirds, you would play the note C over it.

Beginner Guitar Rockers

August 12th, 2010

The reason for most guitar players why they decide playing the guitar is to rock, nothing more and nothing less. Of course, everybody wants to rock. But learning rock guitar is not as easy it seems. It is not for the faint hearted, or for those who thinks Guitar Hero is what’s up, no, none of that. Rock guitar is dedication, handwork, perseverance and discipline. Those rock guitarists don’t just whip off their guitars and magic it to play rock and roll goodness, no, they did practice the rest of their lives. They invested in sweat and tears just to be where they are now.

Anybody can be a rocker, especially guitar players, just practice. The only thing that you should posses is the will to practice regularly. You can’t get there without practicing. There are no shortcuts, no nothing. There is only practice, and practice has its own rules and regulations. The best way to practice is to have a scheduled and organized one. Lay out the things that you will do in your practice. This way, everything would be organized and it would be much easier for you to keep track of what you are doing.