If you want to beef up your guitar solos, there is one suggestion that I could give you. Why don’t you try harmonizing your guitar solos?

Don’t worry about the term; it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Matter of fact, it is quite an easy concept. But first, you should know how to determine which scale or mode you are playing and by doing so, we could be able to determine on which know should we play to harmonize it. To harmonize a guitar solo, you must also know how to use a loop recorder or just record it on audio recording software on your pc. The idea is to have ways and means to overdub your existing guitar solo with a harmonized one. you could actually play the two harmonized notes at the same time but that would be difficult for most people, so for starters, try recording first the initial guitar solo then record another solo over it, the exact way you played it but on a different mode. What you should do is know the intervals. For example, you have the note A. if you want to harmonize it with thirds, you would play the note C over it.

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